Can you hear yourself?

My cell phone is charging to my right. On my left, Netflix is constantly streaming some show and my laptop has open tabs beyond what you can imagine. When did we lose our sense of dedication to something and let ourselves sink into this ocean of information and distraction?    

It’s here!!! At least once a week, the only thing I want to dive into is myself, letting all that is left aside by the voices of others submerge. I would like to have a positive attitude. I believe that going back to writing will make me happier, but honestly I’m not sure where this is all going to take me. 

It’s strange to see how technology has the power to create an effect similar to drugs and alcohol. The first few minutes that you consciously decide to silence everything around you and focus on just one thing, you can notice your body reacting almost instinctively to prevent that from happening. Your gaze is lost in search of distraction, your hearing becomes more sensitive in search of other voices, every muscle in your body seems to tense. It’s like waking up from a trance to the bitter taste of reality.

    I always wanted to be recognized for my writing, but the fear of it never happening made me give up on many blogs whose servers went offline, caused projects with other people to never go forward, and led me to throw notebooks filled to the brim with poems and ideas in the trash.

    Because of all this, one of the focuses of this blog is getting back to doing what I loved the most (and maybe still do): exploring my soul through writing. Even better, even if still using technology, I can gradually detoxify the excess of information and entertainment that allow me to ignore myself and keep the feeling of incompleteness in my life.

Proofreader/Translator Evelyn Jamila

Published by Tassia Kespers

Escritora, professora, tradutora, revisora, mãe e exploradora nas horas vagas.

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