The World We Live In

Do we really know what happens around us? Today, I watched a frightening documentary. It’s scary when you realize that the news you hear every day is presented in a way that suits its messenger.

    Yes, of course, we all do it, but we’re not deciding the future of the world, at least not in my case. Lately, every time I watch something, especially if I’m with my son and he starts criticizing someone’s attitude on some reality show, I try to remind him fact that it’s just a show–there are editors working to produce content and things can be deleted, context can be completely changed and these programs often manufacture villains and protagonists. But how much does reality TV interfere in our lives?

    In mine, at any given time, I usually consume media to distract myself and not to judge others, but how much of newspapers, newscasts, books, maps and other content should be factual and help us learn more about the world around us?

Is it possible to be fair about the quality and veracity of what one reads? How many lies right now have we reproduced or fallen for because we read them in a book or because a teacher or someone else you admire told it to you or you saw it in the news? Is it possible to create a website that gives access to the same information from different angles impartially?

    The Internet gives us the option to choose the best source of information. It allows us to read about the same subject from different perspectives, but how many people have done this? Today I found out that the ocean is responsible for 85% of the oxygen we breathe. THE OCEAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 85% OF THE OXYGEN ON EARTH. How is this possible?? How do people struggle so hard to preserve forests so we can keep breathing when 85% OF OXYGEN IS PRODUCED IN THE OCEAN?

    Now reflect for a moment and think how many people and how much money is needed for every country, newspaper, NGO, and journalist to remain silent for something as important as the air you breathe.

    I’ll go a little further: if one of the most important things you need to survive has been treated this way, how many more lies do you imagine you’re living right now?

Proofreader/Translator Evelyn Jamila

Published by Tassia Kespers

Escritora, professora, tradutora, revisora, mãe e exploradora nas horas vagas.

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