Book review: “Spare” – Prince Harry

I was never interested in gossip shows. TMZ, although I know what it is would not exist if it depended on my audience.

When someone shared the book “Spare”, a memoir written by Prince Harry, my curiosity aroused more for being in front of a launch than knowing the backstage of the royal family.

I also believe that we all represent different roles in society and that it is necessary to understand that we are a reference for other people. From from the moment you stand out in society there is a natural demand to be a positive example.

I always believed that celebrities had to learn to deal with the fact that people are interested in their lives, it’s one of the burdens of the profession and when you decide to walk down that path, you have to accept it. But what about when there was never a chance to choose to be famous?

In addition to all the conflicts that a nuclear family has, what would your reaction be if you were always the second option? If everyone spoke openly that your role in the family is to be a replacement, if necessary? Do you need to adapt to your grandmother´s, the Queen, tight schedule? Every step taken was accompanied by paparazzi from the earliest moments of life? The photos would have a higher value if the content in them was of you engaging in negative behavior.

What I liked most about “Prince” Harry’s book, perhaps because I never paid much attention to royalty and all the bureaucracy that it brings, is the fact that he was a family employee, a person who had his salary controlled by the father and without the opportunity to change jobs easily, regardless of his qualifications, a replacement who would never have a leading role, an outlet for the rest of the family when the press was being too cruel to them.

In his memoirs, those who bought it trying to understand the reasons why he left the royal family, found much more than that. It reveals some of the news denied by the royal palace as being real, and it presents a different perspective to many other events covered by the press. As I said, I’m not a person who likes to know about the celebrity world, much less the royal family, many of the news he mentioned I had never heard of.

We’ve all done something we regret, and we’ve tested limits, but there weren’t any reporters eager to record our moments. Harry had. However, it is very interesting to read for the first time the perspective of someone who has been followed all his life by journalists, had his life turned upside down, and had never asked to be famous. 

When he meets his wife, it’s possible to see why he finds himself so attracted to her. The chaotic life, the independence he never had. Also, it’s not that he hasn’t fallen in love before or wanted to have a normal relationship, but few people were willing to have their lives and those close to them invaded and publicly exposed.

I didn’t read the book because I wanted to know the backstage of the royal family, I’m interested in autobiographies because it’s possible for you to discover how Harry defines himself and what he considers essential and worth telling in his memoirs.

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