Reflexões e devaneios / Reflections and reveries

Tem dias em que eu me encontro protagonista da história. Com o universo tão extenso e tantas pessoas no planeta. Como eu posso ter um dia de azar tão grande? O trabalho que precisa ser refeito. O projeto que não deu tempo de continuar A informação muda e não é possível saber em quem acreditar.Continue reading “Reflexões e devaneios / Reflections and reveries”

Brazilian literature, shall we?

April 22 is the day of the “discovery” of Brazil. Nowadays, the national holiday is Tiradentes (revolutionary who fought against the Portuguese monarchy) and we ignore the discovery fallacy that was taught for many years in school. To me, sounds like the perfect excuse for today’s book review to be a Brazilian one. You’re notContinue reading “Brazilian literature, shall we?”

A negative book review

I wrote the book review for the last book I read and it was a negative one. I see so much hate on the internet and people seem so easily able to list other people’s weaknesses that I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to compose the criticism, but I did and I liked the result.Continue reading “A negative book review”

A trilogy of five

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with the number 42. Here’s why… I first heard about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams from an elementary school student. My students got an extra grade for every book they read during the term (any book would do). The summary caught myContinue reading “A trilogy of five”

Love hating a book

I love to read, but unlike many readers, I like the emotions that books provoke in me. The intensity of the narrative, the anticipation for the moment to continue reading, when the book takes part of my day to try to imagine what will happen in the book, my identification or not with a character,Continue reading “Love hating a book”

Ramses – Son of Light

I was in high school and the public library was on the way between my house and school. All group work was done there, we stayed in the comic book section downstairs until everyone arrived to go to the library. I had a good understanding of the library system, and how to find the booksContinue reading “Ramses – Son of Light”

Book review: “Spare” – Prince Harry

I was never interested in gossip shows. TMZ, although I know what it is would not exist if it depended on my audience. When someone shared the book “Spare”, a memoir written by Prince Harry, my curiosity aroused more for being in front of a launch than knowing the backstage of the royal family. IContinue reading “Book review: “Spare” – Prince Harry”


I will not lose my flowBooks will teach meWords ground meWords help me think I will not lose my flowPoems will be writtenLife makes me feelLife allows me “to be” I will not lose my flowFeelings will streamTears make me strongerTears expurgate my pain I will not lose my flowEverything will passTime makes me wiseTimeContinue reading “Flow”

Além… / Beyond…

Além dos defeitosHá qualidadesAlém da desconfiançaHá um porto seguroAlém do pessimismoHá esperança Além da solidãoHá amizadeAlém de olhares perdidosHá certezasAlém da realidadeHá sonhos Além das vozes alteradasHá gargalhadasAlém das lágrimasHá sorrisosAlém de um coração quebradoTem alguém querendo ser salvo E quando tudo forFrioVazioEscuroMelancólicoEncontrar-me-á. Beyond inaptitudeThere are attributesBeyond distrustThere is a safe harborBeyond pessimismThere is hopeContinue reading “Além… / Beyond…”

Back somewhere

November 2, 2022, was the day I landed in Brazil. There are days when it feels like I just arrived and I’m still trying to readapt, others it feels like I arrived so long ago that I start to question whether it’s time to look for another country to live in A China One ofContinue reading “Back somewhere”