It should be easy, but it is China

One of the biggest annoyances in the life of an expatriate is the difficulty to do something that should be simple. Buying a certain product in the market sometimes it is an impossible mission. Finding a service or place is like trying to find the city of Babylon. Clarifying a simple question or understanding anContinue reading “It should be easy, but it is China”

Comunicado importante – Important Notice

Olá caro leitores, Eu sei que não tenho sido tão assídua quanto eu havia prometido. Além do mais tem uma história incompleta e os artigos sobre a China tem sido menos constantes. O blog estar desatualizado é o meu último pensamento antes de dormir, mas eu também preciso priorizar outras questões no momento.  O blogContinue reading “Comunicado importante – Important Notice”

The single mother’s dilemma

The single mother’s dilemma begins during pregnancy. The questions about the future that she is not able to answer for herself, the doctor’s appointments, and preparing the maternity suitcase. But I never had this dilemma, my son’s godfather was with me at the first ultrasound, the nurse scolded me when I laughed at him forContinue reading “The single mother’s dilemma”

The Boy’s Birthday

It was the day after Labor Day and I had just returned from Londrina where I was attending college. The exam and appointment with the obstetrician were more of a formality because I was being accompanied by another doctor while I attended classes and advanced my mandatory internships in order to complete my degree. TheContinue reading “The Boy’s Birthday”

What !D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!?

I always loved reading, I loved imagining the sceneries, the characters, and their adventures. I was one of those people who when the book was really good I couldn’t think of anything else. Before going to sleep “one more chapter” would turn into 5 or 6 and I would go to sleep at 4:00 inContinue reading “What !D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!?”

Auto-reflexivo / Self-reflective

Ela continua piscando,não importa quantas palavras mais eu tenha escrito, a sua sede por mais continua.Quase como um aviso de que ainda há espaço para mais,ainda há o que dizer,só é preciso que os dedos toquem o teclado mais uma vez. Ela continua piscando,como em uma tentativa de se comunicarcomo se também pudesse ser ouvida,ora julgando,Continue reading “Auto-reflexivo / Self-reflective”

Contradições / Contradictions

O sol não aquece, o sorriso não consolaA alegria não contagia. Respiração profunda,coração em prantos,dias sem fim. O vinho não inebria,o chocolate não é doce,o café não revigora. As horas não passam,o remédio não faz efeito,a angustia não alivia. A decisão certa, mas não desejada,A mente inquieta, mas sem direção. The sun doesn’t warm,the smileContinue reading “Contradições / Contradictions”

Part 2 – Hong Kong in good company

Unlike the 36 hours the first time, I went to Hong Kong (link to the post), 5 years later I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with the best company I could ask for, my son. The path was similar, we took a plane to Shenzhen, and a bus from the airport to HongContinue reading “Part 2 – Hong Kong in good company”

Part 1 – Hong Kong in 36 hours

I started writing this article because it bothers me that I’m in China and can’t explore the country and take André to new places because of this virus. For more than two years we have limited ourselves to nearby cities or within the province, the fear of going out and ending up having to quarantineContinue reading “Part 1 – Hong Kong in 36 hours”

It’s easy to say

It’s funny, I’ve always considered myself a collector of stories. Yes, I have my own stories, but when I’m with my friends there’s nothing I enjoy more than the opportunity to know a little more about them. Some are excellent storytellers, others not so much, but everyone has something interesting to tell. Every time someoneContinue reading “It’s easy to say”