Palavras me faltam / Words fail me

As palavras sempre foram o meu refúgio Em dias de tempestade meu abrigoNos momentos de desespero, calmariaMas, às vezes, as palavras me faltam As palavras sempre foram minhas companheirasEm dias em que me senti sozinhaNos momentos de confusão, clarezaMas, às vezes, as palavras me faltam As palavras sempre foram a minha vozEm dias em queContinue reading “Palavras me faltam / Words fail me”

China, the new year and a certain virus

Happy New Year! Yes, you read that right, Happy New Year. Although China follows the Gregorian calendar on a day-to-day basis, Chinese traditional celebrations follow the lunar calendar, therefore the 354 days of the year 4719 ends on January 31, 2021.  I remember my anxiety and disappointment the first time I spent the end ofContinue reading “China, the new year and a certain virus”

After all, what does it mean to be a good reader?

Is there an ideal number of pages that should be read in a year? Is it according to the number of classics you read? How many famous authors can you list? How many famous characters or lines can you memorize? I remember that in the eighth grade of elementary school, in the first week ofContinue reading “After all, what does it mean to be a good reader?”

Two strangers

He climbed the last steps that gave access to the terrace of some skyscraper. There was no emotional reason why it was there, just the logic of being one of the tallest buildings in the area. His purpose was clear, Carlos allowed himself to laugh at the irony of ending his life in the mostContinue reading “Two strangers”

A espera / Waiting

A esperadisfarçada de jazz.Na inquietude do pensamentona incerteza do dia de amanhã. Na esperasonhos e planos se confundem.Esperança e expectativa intensificamo sentimento de partir rumo ao incerto. A esperasempre tão solitária.Na imprevisibilidade da vidaa pausa que amedronta mais do que conforta. A espera,o café fresco na xícara.O inevitável que se aproxima,a indecisão da hora certaContinue reading “A espera / Waiting”

The Context and Christmas

I like to believe that everything has to be seen within a context and the same fact can be interpreted in different ways depending on the perspective and the information you have access to. They say the first step is the hardest, but every time I started dieting, Monday was the easiest day ever. EveryoneContinue reading “The Context and Christmas”

As lágrimas / Tears

Eu tento,o pensamento é incoerente,a razão inexistente,mas as lágrimas continuam a cair. Eu penso,o dia é comum,não há notícias, não a dor,mas as lágrimas continuam a cair. Eu disfarço,como se nada estivesse acontecendo,como se meu coração não estivesse sofrendo,como se não houvesse uma vontade involuntária de chorar. Eu entristeço,ainda que confusa pelo vazio,ainda que desconheçaContinue reading “As lágrimas / Tears”

Taishan – Part 2

The day was spectacular, the sky was clear, the sun was warming us at the top of the mountain, but it was time to go back. I don’t know exactly how much time we spent there, but it gave us time to get some rest, explore, eat and take pictures. I saw that not farContinue reading “Taishan – Part 2”

Taishan – Part 1

The year is 2014, I had only three months before going back to Brazil and I wanted to take every opportunity I had to explore the country, until that moment I didn’t imagine I would return to China any time soon. I was invited to climb a mountain with a small group of Chinese, allContinue reading “Taishan – Part 1”

A perfect world / Um mundo perfeito

In a perfect worldI have a perfect life,have the job of my dreamsand wake up every morning smiling. In my perfect worldI traveled everywhereI have learned so muchAnd I am always ready for something new But I don’t know where this place is at.I am trapped, living in a world that is not mine,spending daysContinue reading “A perfect world / Um mundo perfeito”