O que você fez? / What have you done?

(Please scroll down to read the poem and the introduction translated) Outro dia minha mãe me perguntou onde estavam as poesias que eu escrevi quando era mais nova. Elas deveriam estar em alguma caixa na casa dos meus pais no Brasil, mas a verdade é que eu não tenho certeza. Eu acredito que eu devaContinue reading “O que você fez? / What have you done?”

(Des)amado I / (Un)loved I

Eu permito as lágrimase uma vez mais senti-las,para outra vez tentar esquecer o seu rosto que eu sigo a ver. Eu permito as lágrimasmesmo que eu odeie senti-las,porque o passado é apenas uma memóriae de nós a única coisa que resta é história. Eu permito as lágrimas,ainda que tentando entender,por que o seu toque queContinue reading “(Des)amado I / (Un)loved I”

What I have learned in China

I had already thought about writing a list of what I have learned as an expatriate in Asian lands, but I believe there is no better opportunity for that than now, considering October is the month that I personally celebrate my first arrival here and it is the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Republic of ChinaContinue reading “What I have learned in China”

Kitchen Therapy

I was never a cook. Not that the kitchen was an inhospitable and mysterious environment but as the youngest of the family, I was responsible for drying and storing the dishes. Later, I was promoted to washing duty, too. The stove was always far away (depending on the size of the kitchen we lived in),Continue reading “Kitchen Therapy”


This week is a celebration called 中秋节 (Mid-Autumn Festival) or Mooncake Festival. So today, Saturday, I was working as if it were Friday; yesterday, I worked as if it was Monday; and now I have three days off ahead of me (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday). It’s no use calling me lucky, because I’ll be backContinue reading “中秋节快乐”

The best investment of my life

 “Everyone is capable of saving money,” said someone who never went on foot to the mall with only the money for an ice cream cone, spending three hours window shopping to take advantage of the establishment’s air conditioning. Yes, we live during a pandemic, but it is not a new thing that having savings orContinue reading “The best investment of my life”

Amanheceu chovendo / It rained at dawn

Amanheceu chovendo e eu lembrei de quando eu visitei minha tia e ela fez bolinho de chuva porque choveu. Amanheceu chovendo e eu lembrei de quando chovia à tarde e minha mãe fazia café e bolo de cenoura com cobertura de chocolate. Amanheceu chovendo e eu lembrei que em Goiás tem mês que nunca amanheceContinue reading “Amanheceu chovendo / It rained at dawn”

The Perfect Day

The alarm clock had rung for the seventh and last time. There was no way out, Joana had to get up now or she would be late. Not that this happened very often–on the contrary, in five years with the firm, she knew every single date that she was late or had to be absent,Continue reading “The Perfect Day”

Living in Guiyang – Transport

I spent the whole week looking for data to make a special and informational post about what it’s like to live here in Guiyang, but reflecting on how I always skip paragraphs with too many numbered points, I believe we’ll all have a better experience (me writing and you reading) if I share some linksContinue reading “Living in Guiyang – Transport”