Dancing Queen

     The space was immaculate. Each table had been adorned with a cream white linen tablecloth and a floral centerpiece consisting of three cylindrical vases of different sizes with submerged orchids and floating candles at the top. There was special lighting for the dance floor that took up half of the space; at theContinue reading “Dancing Queen”


I believe that who we are today is a reflection of our past, of everything that has happened in our lives and the impact those moments had on us. At the same time, with each passing year, I become more aware of this influence. This allows me to have better control of how past experiencesContinue reading “Thirty-Five”

The World We Live In

Do we really know what happens around us? Today, I watched a frightening documentary. It’s scary when you realize that the news you hear every day is presented in a way that suits its messenger.     Yes, of course, we all do it, but we’re not deciding the future of the world, at least notContinue reading “The World We Live In”

Why is WeChat so popular in China?

        Before moving to China I had never heard of WeChat–we are talking about 2014, when I came to the country for the first time. At that time, the company I worked for asked me to download the app on my cell phone. I communicated with my family and friends through WhatsApp, but allContinue reading “Why is WeChat so popular in China?”

Filling the Void

        She began to apply her makeup, still naked, in front of her mirror. As she applied her concealer and swept on her eyeliner, she wondered how many more times she would have to go through this. She wasn’t used to wearing makeup, so it took longer than she had thought. There were soContinue reading “Filling the Void”

Can you hear yourself?

My cell phone is charging to my right. On my left, Netflix is constantly streaming some show and my laptop has open tabs beyond what you can imagine. When did we lose our sense of dedication to something and let ourselves sink into this ocean of information and distraction?     It’s here!!! At least onceContinue reading “Can you hear yourself?”