Two strangers

He climbed the last steps that gave access to the terrace of some skyscraper. There was no emotional reason why it was there, just the logic of being one of the tallest buildings in the area. His purpose was clear, Carlos allowed himself to laugh at the irony of ending his life in the mostContinue reading “Two strangers”

The Perfect Day

The alarm clock had rung for the seventh and last time. There was no way out, Joana had to get up now or she would be late. Not that this happened very often–on the contrary, in five years with the firm, she knew every single date that she was late or had to be absent,Continue reading “The Perfect Day”

Dancing Queen

     The space was immaculate. Each table had been adorned with a cream white linen tablecloth and a floral centerpiece consisting of three cylindrical vases of different sizes with submerged orchids and floating candles at the top. There was special lighting for the dance floor that took up half of the space; at theContinue reading “Dancing Queen”

Filling the Void

        She began to apply her makeup, still naked, in front of her mirror. As she applied her concealer and swept on her eyeliner, she wondered how many more times she would have to go through this. She wasn’t used to wearing makeup, so it took longer than she had thought. There were soContinue reading “Filling the Void”