A negative book review

I wrote the book review for the last book I read and it was a negative one. I see so much hate on the internet and people seem so easily able to list other people’s weaknesses that I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to compose the criticism, but I did and I liked the result.Continue reading “A negative book review”

Love hating a book

I love to read, but unlike many readers, I like the emotions that books provoke in me. The intensity of the narrative, the anticipation for the moment to continue reading, when the book takes part of my day to try to imagine what will happen in the book, my identification or not with a character,Continue reading “Love hating a book”

Ramses – Son of Light

I was in high school and the public library was on the way between my house and school. All group work was done there, we stayed in the comic book section downstairs until everyone arrived to go to the library. I had a good understanding of the library system, and how to find the booksContinue reading “Ramses – Son of Light”

Book review: “Spare” – Prince Harry

I was never interested in gossip shows. TMZ, although I know what it is would not exist if it depended on my audience. When someone shared the book “Spare”, a memoir written by Prince Harry, my curiosity aroused more for being in front of a launch than knowing the backstage of the royal family. IContinue reading “Book review: “Spare” – Prince Harry”

Book Review – Trevor Noah – Born a crime

For those who already know and follow a little about Trevor Noah’s career, the quality of his book is no surprise. “Trevor Noah – Born of crime”. The comedian and The Daily Show host even signed a contract to adapt the best-selling book to theaters. Now if you are one of those people who lovedContinue reading “Book Review – Trevor Noah – Born a crime”

“The Choice” by Edith Eva Eger

If one day I had to recommend a self-help book I would have no doubt that it would be the work of Edith Eva Eger To say that the book is about the story of a survivor of one of Hitler’s concentration camps, who saw her mother being sent to the gas chamber while still inContinue reading ““The Choice” by Edith Eva Eger”