Two strangers

He climbed the last steps that gave access to the terrace of some skyscraper. There was no emotional reason why it was there, just the logic of being one of the tallest buildings in the area. His purpose was clear, Carlos allowed himself to laugh at the irony of ending his life in the mostContinue reading “Two strangers”

(Des)amado III / (Un)loved III

Os lugaresAs palavrasOs abraçosOs beijosNada foi real Os sonhosAs promessasO desejoO tempoNada foi real Meus anseiosSuas certezasMinha convicçõesNossos planosNada foi real Sem inícioSem fimSem amorPorque nada é real além da solidão The placesThe wordsThe hugsThe kissesNothing was real The dreamsThe promisesThe desireThe timeNothing was real My yearningsYour certaintiesMy convictionsOur plansNothing was real No beginningNo endNoContinue reading “(Des)amado III / (Un)loved III”

The Perfect Day

The alarm clock had rung for the seventh and last time. There was no way out, Joana had to get up now or she would be late. Not that this happened very often–on the contrary, in five years with the firm, she knew every single date that she was late or had to be absent,Continue reading “The Perfect Day”

The Story of the Scared Cat

The year is 2016. I had just arrived in Guiyang for the second time. It was not my first move to China, which made me extra confident that this time the process of adaptation and separation from family and friends would be easier. I can’t describe how disappointed I was. The city, the people, someContinue reading “The Story of the Scared Cat”