The single mother’s dilemma

The single mother’s dilemma begins during pregnancy. The questions about the future that she is not able to answer for herself, the doctor’s appointments, and preparing the maternity suitcase. But I never had this dilemma, my son’s godfather was with me at the first ultrasound, the nurse scolded me when I laughed at him forContinue reading “The single mother’s dilemma”

Eu, as palavras e você / The words, you and I

Eu sempre fui feliz com as palavras.Elas completavam minha vida,elas preenchiam o vazio que eu sentia, elas eram capazes de me representar. Eu sempre fui feliz com as palavras.Porque elas sempre encontraram respostas,elas nunca me deram as costasmesmo depois de tanto ignorá-las. Eu sempre fui feliz com as palavras,mas ai você chegou E as palavrasContinue reading “Eu, as palavras e você / The words, you and I”

Sunday Morning

My family has always been very fond of sports. One of my earliest memories is going with my father and my brother to one of my father’s uncle’s company on the weekend to play football (soccer). It was a big company (at least that’s the impression I had, I was very young), there was aContinue reading “Sunday Morning”