My China, my houses

The expatriate life is much harder than the glamor that many imagine. The problem of living in a country where the language bears no resemblance to any you’ve ever learned is that a simple activity can become a real nightmare. As I said before, I have been living in China for seven years. I’ve alreadyContinue reading “My China, my houses”

What I have learned in China

I had already thought about writing a list of what I have learned as an expatriate in Asian lands, but I believe there is no better opportunity for that than now, considering October is the month that I personally celebrate my first arrival here and it is the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Republic of ChinaContinue reading “What I have learned in China”

Living in Guiyang – Transport

I spent the whole week looking for data to make a special and informational post about what it’s like to live here in Guiyang, but reflecting on how I always skip paragraphs with too many numbered points, I believe we’ll all have a better experience (me writing and you reading) if I share some linksContinue reading “Living in Guiyang – Transport”

Vivendo em Guiyang – Transporte

Eu passei a semana inteira procurando dados para fazer um texto especial e embasado sobre como é morar aqui, mas refletindo sobre como eu sempre pulo os parágrafos com muitos números eu acredito que vamos todos ter uma experiências melhor (eu escrevendo e você lendo) se eu compartilhar alguns links ao final desse texto casoContinue reading “Vivendo em Guiyang – Transporte”