Daydream – Patience won

I remember that football was always part of my routine as a child. On weekends we went to my grandma’s house and nobody left before the game was over. I watched the adults watching and tried to understand the emotion that made them argue with the TV, alert the players of possible plays and spendContinue reading “Daydream – Patience won”

Growing up

I’ve lived in many places since I was very young and had to learn not to get attached to places. Not everyone can say they’ve lived in eight different places, three states, and two countries in the span of 25 years (I moved for the first time when I was 11). I remember when IContinue reading “Growing up”

O mar / The sea

O mar é imensidão,O mar é um convite,O mar é calma e ressaca. Eu ouço seu canto,Sinto a brisa constante e úmida.Será que o som que acalmaé capaz de acalmar a si mesmo? Eu vejo as ondas quebrando.Ora gentil ora violenta.Oscilando em um humor juvenil. As ondas, o som, a brisa,Um convite para mergulhar naContinue reading “O mar / The sea”

Desvaneios / Daydreams

“Eu sou um contador, eu trabalho com os números.” “Eu sou um advogado, eu trabalho com as palavras.” Quando é que paramos de exercer uma determinada função para obter o resultado correto delas e passamos a nos dedicar a encontrar maneiras de explorar ao nosso favor? Pensar que um processo criminal não é mais sobreContinue reading “Desvaneios / Daydreams”

Um poema para reclamar / A poem to complain

E lá vai ela reclamar de novo com a bucho cheio. Querendo que tudo seja perfeito. Quando ainda se perde na preguiça e nos pensamentos.Querendo um milagre bater a sua porta e de preferência a chame pelo nome. Ela quer viver de escrever, mas não escreve.Ela quer ir embora, mas não vai.Ela quer perder peso, mas estáContinue reading “Um poema para reclamar / A poem to complain”

Welcoming who you are

It is interesting to observe that it doesn’t matter the subject, most of the time, the difficulty is always the same, “finding balance”. This text does not intend to suggest that people should be narcissistic, fall in love with their own image and completely forget about the world around them. Not so much that theyContinue reading “Welcoming who you are”

Two strangers

He climbed the last steps that gave access to the terrace of some skyscraper. There was no emotional reason why it was there, just the logic of being one of the tallest buildings in the area. His purpose was clear, Carlos allowed himself to laugh at the irony of ending his life in the mostContinue reading “Two strangers”

Kitchen Therapy

I was never a cook. Not that the kitchen was an inhospitable and mysterious environment but as the youngest of the family, I was responsible for drying and storing the dishes. Later, I was promoted to washing duty, too. The stove was always far away (depending on the size of the kitchen we lived in),Continue reading “Kitchen Therapy”

The Story of the Scared Cat

The year is 2016. I had just arrived in Guiyang for the second time. It was not my first move to China, which made me extra confident that this time the process of adaptation and separation from family and friends would be easier. I can’t describe how disappointed I was. The city, the people, someContinue reading “The Story of the Scared Cat”