A trilogy of five

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with the number 42. Here’s why… I first heard about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams from an elementary school student. My students got an extra grade for every book they read during the term (any book would do). The summary caught myContinue reading “A trilogy of five”

A trilogia de cinco livros

Quem me conhece sabe da minha obsessão pelo número 42. Eis o motivo A primeira vez que eu ouvi falar sobre O Guia dos Mochileiros da Galáxia de Douglas Adams foi através de um aluno do ensino fundamental II. Meus alunos tinham uma nota extra por livro lido durante o bimestre (qualquer livro servia). OContinue reading “A trilogia de cinco livros”

Love hating a book

I love to read, but unlike many readers, I like the emotions that books provoke in me. The intensity of the narrative, the anticipation for the moment to continue reading, when the book takes part of my day to try to imagine what will happen in the book, my identification or not with a character,Continue reading “Love hating a book”