Part 2 – Hong Kong in good company

Unlike the 36 hours the first time, I went to Hong Kong (link to the post), 5 years later I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with the best company I could ask for, my son. The path was similar, we took a plane to Shenzhen, and a bus from the airport to HongContinue reading “Part 2 – Hong Kong in good company”

Part 1 – Hong Kong in 36 hours

I started writing this article because it bothers me that I’m in China and can’t explore the country and take André to new places because of this virus. For more than two years we have limited ourselves to nearby cities or within the province, the fear of going out and ending up having to quarantineContinue reading “Part 1 – Hong Kong in 36 hours”

Taishan – Part 2

The day was spectacular, the sky was clear, the sun was warming us at the top of the mountain, but it was time to go back. I don’t know exactly how much time we spent there, but it gave us time to get some rest, explore, eat and take pictures. I saw that not farContinue reading “Taishan – Part 2”

Taishan – Part 1

The year is 2014, I had only three months before going back to Brazil and I wanted to take every opportunity I had to explore the country, until that moment I didn’t imagine I would return to China any time soon. I was invited to climb a mountain with a small group of Chinese, allContinue reading “Taishan – Part 1”

The best investment of my life

 “Everyone is capable of saving money,” said someone who never went on foot to the mall with only the money for an ice cream cone, spending three hours window shopping to take advantage of the establishment’s air conditioning. Yes, we live during a pandemic, but it is not a new thing that having savings orContinue reading “The best investment of my life”